Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Early Labor

1. Ignore it. Seriously. The longer you can ignore it and keep your mind on other things, the better. Your body will simply go about its business. The longer you can deal with contractions without intervention (massage, music, shower, etc.), increases endorphins within you and extends your ability to handle it well.

Do move about as necessary or sit on an exercise ball, leaning forward onto a sofa arm and rock sideways back and forth. This produces the same motion as walking.

2. DO NOT WALK! Labor is a marathon and you don’t want to tire yourself out!

3. Breathe deeply, the baby needs the oxygen as once it‘s in the birth canal the cord gets compressed.

4. Keep your shoulders and hands relaxed. Consciously do this.

5. Stay home as long as possible. 99% of women will still have at least 2 hours in the hospital once there, and just the move and admitting process breaks your concentration and slows labor for awhile. The farther along you are when you get there, the faster it will go once you get back into your groove. The move to the hospital (if going) will be uncomfortable. Don’t give in to it and ask for an epidural until you’ve had time to settle in and regroup and see how it goes from there.

6. Eat. They won’t let you once you get to the hospital and you’ll need your energy.

7. Go to the bathroom every hour even if you don’t feel like it. The sensation will diminish once labor begins, but a full bladder blocks the baby and increases labor time. Same with a full rectum, so eat lots of fiber during your last month!

8. Every time you go to the bathroom, use the sink for support and do a full squat. This will help spread your pelvis.

9. Shower just before you leave. The warm water will help relax you for the move.

10. As you do the move, let your coach worry about EVERYTHING. Loading, unloading, admitting, etc. You need to stay focused and relaxed as much as possible.

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