Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buying for Baby

1. Don’t over do. New babies only sleep, eat, and poo and you really only need items that facilitate these activities for the first couple months. Parents are the only necessary toys.

2. Invest in an excellent NEW car seat. Never buy or borrow this item!

3. Use those baby showers for big-ticket items that you will need later: Exersaucer, stroller, highchair, crib, swing, toys, books, diapers (they are in size 3s the longest), formula (if you will be using), and college funds. Along with the fun stuff that‘s not really necessary.

4. Babies need a lot of onsies, bibs, and diapers. That’s all the clothing they really need in warmer weather.

5. In cooler weather, long onies, bibs and diapers are all they really need besides a snowsuit.

6. Cute clothes cost a lot of money, get ruined by spit-up and poop blowouts, are outgrown almost immediately and are usually not as comfortable for the baby. Just a couple show-off outfits are fine.

7. In choosing a nursery theme, think long term. A nature theme can be extended for a little boy until middle school, but a babyish theme won’t last beyond 2, and those 2 years go by so quickly that you’ll be shaking your head wondering why you bothered.

8. If you obtain used items, always check them out on the product recall registry! You’d be surprised at the name brands that have been recalled for major health risks. One of the nice things about getting something from Craig list or eBay is that you can check out the product first before committing to buy. You can’t do that easily at a garage sale unless you have a web compatible phone with you. Which is a good idea.

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