Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daycare Must Haves (Parent's too)

Under Age 5

Must Haves
Rock n Learn Colors Shapes and Numbers
Mommy and Me Playgroup Favorites
Mommy and Me More Playgroup Favorites
Letter Factory (Leapfrog)

Good to Have
Word Factory (Leapfrog)
Math Circus (Leapfrog)
Rock n Learn Spanish (way beyond them, but all enjoy it and you’d be surprised what they pick up)
Dvds or recorded episodes of Dora, Little Einsteins, Bob the Builder
Magic School Bus (even the 1-year-olds like these)

Don’t Bother
Movies longer than 30 minutes. Attention span isn’t there

Must Haves
Playdoh, mainly cutters, mashers, and building accessories. Don’t bother with the extruder or people because they just get clogged and frustrate the kids.
Wooden train set(s)
Wooden blocks, the larger and more shapes the better, be aware of small ones as they are choking hazards
Baby dolls 1 per child and bottles. Don’t waste money on stroller and other stuff, they tear it up.
Set of musical instruments
Dry erase books/boards of things they can trace and draw on, not blank. Even the littlest ones can practice pre-writing skills
Duplos and/or baby Duplos

Good to Have
Large Fisher Price car set. Must be large/sturdy enough for them to abuse. (see mine)
Bendy people. Hand size, no parts to come off and pose risks.
Doll house, one that folds out. Could also use a cheap bookcase. Use bendy people in it.

Don’t Bother
Stuffed animals. Collect dirt, dust and germs.
Lacing items. They get a string in a couple holes then sling them around at each other
Rocking horse. They use it as a climber and is a huge liability.
Barbies, etc. They will tear them apart and eat them, clothing and accessories are hazards.

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